2Pcs 10 Gallon Strawberry Planter Bags Non Woven Grow Bag Garden Pots Container

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2Pcs 10 Gallon Strawberry Planter Bags Non-Woven Grow Bag Garden Pots Container

1. Potato grow bags can not only grow potatoes, but you can also grow all kinds of vegetables you like: Taro, Radish, Carrots, Onions, strawberries and more.
2. Tvird Potato growing bags come with visualization windows able to quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and it's convenient to get potatoes out.
3. The potato plant bag made of thickening non-woven fabric, allows roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts vegetable growth and yields, Prevents roots from circling, decreased the risk of transplant shock, as well as removes excess water
4: Reinforced handle design allows you to easily move the plant to anywhere, lightweight and rugged, reusable for years!

【Clever & Flexible Design】-2 Pack 10-gallon garden potato growing bags come with a visualization flap window ability to quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and harvest them directly without having to excavate in clay soil or damage plant!

【Grow Healthy】-Tvird eco-friendly Potato Planting Bag is made up of high-quality nonwoven fabric, easily keeps your plants warm in winter and keep them cool in summer. Moisture-proof, breathable, flexible non-woven fabric, Potato grow bag allows roots to breathe enough, prevents roots from circling and improves overall root structure. grow healthier, and boosts plant growth and yields!

【Super Sturdy】-Tvird potato grow bag is made up of high-quality nonwoven fabric, Built-in two reinforced handles, The handles allow you to move it easily around the garden, balcony, patio, porch or greenhouse. reusable for years! Look forward to your harvest this year and in the future!

【Avoid Soil Pollution & Great Drainage】-High quality non-woven fabric makes the planter bag have good drainage function, which can easily avoid the problems with overwatering. Also, it provides enough space for plants to grow, help to prevent soil-borne disease and root disease

【Wide Application】-Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting. 10 gallon Ideal for patios, small gardens, balconies and any outdoor space. Not only be used to plant potatoes, radish, carrots, onions, cucumber, and many other vegetables. But also be used as a storage bag, such as put the dirty clothes, pack the tools and so on

Potato Grow Bags

Help Your Plant Grow Healthy!
Breathable High-Quality Nonwoven Fabric Material
1: Non-woven aeration fabric pots can decrease the risk of transplant shock.
2. The potato plant bag made of thickening non-woven fabric, allows roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts vegetable growth, and yields
3: Prevents roots from circling, remove excess water

Why Choose Us?

1: Breathable High-Quality Nonwoven Fabric Material
2: Visualization of window flap, access without excavator
3: Coms with 2 reinforced carry handle, easy to move
4: 10 gallons, large enough to plant potato, carrot, and other vegetables
How to use it?
1. put a couple of inches of soil in the bottom
2. place about 4 to 6 potatoes evenly spaced on top
3. Cover with more soil, water and observe, as they sprout and the plants emerge, continue to add soil until the plants emerge out the top of the bag
4. Afterward, it only needs to be watered and irrigated at regular intervals to keep water and nutrients
5. After observing and waiting for the potatoes to mature, you can take out fresh potatoes directly from the bottom of the window
Look forward to your harvest this year and in the future!
Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 4 cm
Package included:
2x Potato Grow Bags

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